The Music Of Pink Floyd

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The Floyd Effect T-Shirt 2010

The Floyd Effect T-Shirts (2010 design)

Available in Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL sizes.

£15 (all sizes).

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Gordon Reid - Aliens Gordon Reid - Aliens

Gordon Reid


The stunning, award-winning soundtrack to the natural history documentary 'Aliens Of The Sea'. Written and performed by The Floyd Effect's keyboard player, Gordon Reid.


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Gordon Reid - Aliens

Fiona Ford

Leave Everything You Know

The superb debut album from one of The Floyd Effect's backing vocalists, Fiona Ford.

Click HERE to visit Fiona's page and order or download the CD.

When ordering any of the above, please detail what you would like to purchase plus the delivery address. We cannot accept credit cards on-line as yet, so we will contact you by return to arrange payment and shipping.

All of the above can be purchased at selected gigs.